Creativity Required

It actually takes a bit of creativity and endurance to solve it. Some would even record the combinations they have already tried so they won’t get too frustrated. There are a lot of strategies that can be used to solve the cube and you will still have a hard time going through it. Words can’t express how difficult the cube is. You just have to try it for yourself and you won’t be able to blame anybody who tries to throw the cube to the floor because of how frustrated they got with it.


Most of these cubes don’t break easily anyway so the frustration will still continue for most people and the game is too addicting. When you can’t solve it, you are going to want to try over and over again in order to solve it one day. It was invented in 1974 and Rubik thought he would never get the cube back to its original shape. It was a good thing he did because a lot of other people also tried to do it as well.