Back Story

Some say it would be better to solve the cube with music in the background. This is so that you won’t hear yourself cursing at it when you get frustrated after trying dozens of combinations. Tobor Laczi is a businessman responsible for the sales of the cube skyrocketing because he discovered it after he saw a waiter playing with it. He decided to try it out himself and the rest as they say is history. He even got to meet Rubik himself and the two went along quite well if you know what I mean.


When Laczi first met Rubik, he thought he saw a beggar since he was terribly dressed. Rubik didn’t know that he would meet the same guy who will make him rich. He was definitely lucky Laczi discovered the cube as the sales rose from there. Laczi brought the cube at the Nuremberg toy fair but not as an exhibitor. He ended up playing it there and meeting Tom Kremer who is a British toy expert. Kremer was so impressed with the toy that he decided to order a million of it for his company. Rubik ended up being a millionaire as they needed a name for it and it ended up being name Rubik’s cube.